2024 BrainArt Competition

Beyond Borders

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Important dates:

Submission deadline: June 7, 2024.
Public voting: June 17-26, 2024.
Winners announcement: June 27, 2024. (During OHBM Annual Meeting)

Call for submissions

We are inviting artists, scientists, and the general public to join our annual BrainArt competition! We welcome diverse conceptual approaches in six different categories:

  • Beyond Borders: this category aligns with the theme of our annual exhibition. While borders are mostly human constructs that discretize or break up a whole into smaller defined pieces, they restrict our perspective and divide our communities. In this category, we invite works that reflect over the notion of borders in neuroscience, in society, and in nature.
  • Image: still images such as drawings, paintings, photos, data visualizations, etc.
  • Text: poems, short stories, any kind of text composition about the brain.
  • Video: Animations and audio-visual creations related to the brain.
  • AI-Creations: Works primarily created using AI tools like image generators, language models, etc. If your submission relies heavily on AI generation with minimal human editing beyond prompting, please consider this category instead of the other ones.
  • Beautiful Mistake: artifacts, glitches, or "failed" visualization attempts that you find interesting or fun.

If your work fits into multiple categories, please choose the category that best suits your submission. Please do NOT submit the same work to different categories.

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BrainArt Competition 2024

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