BrainArt Competition

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2022 - The Connected Brain

The OHBM Brain-Art Special-Interest-Group (SIG) is happy to accept submissions for the 2022 Brain-Art Competition! Please use the following form to submit your art (if you do not have access to Google you may email us directly):

We accept submissions across the following six categories:
1) The Connected Brain
-- see below.
2) Pictures to Prose
e.g. a poem, short story etc. about the brain
3) Still Images
e.g. brain art related images such as drawings, photos, paintings, etc.
4) Videos and Animations
e.g. brain art related audio-visual and animation contributions
5) Beautiful Mistake
e.g. artifact, bug, or failed (visualization) attempt. etc.
6) Sustainability/Connection with Nature

This years core theme is "The Connected Brain": Connectedness, within and between individuals, has been in the crosshairs of exciting scientific inquiry and has also reached unprecedented levels and widespread awareness of crucial societal issues. Specific examples are numerous;

* The Human Connectome Project aims to map and elucidate the structural and functional connections of the human brain.
* The availability of large-scale data and advancements in computer systems necessary to analyse these data lead to exciting new developments in the mathematical theory and practical utility of networks.

* The enforced isolation and subsequent reconnection with others in the wake of the COVID19 pandemic impacts our psychological and general physical health and reshapes the way we connect with ourselves and others in our private and working lives.

* Movements for racial equity and gender equality and climate change are becoming more impactful through global connections and international efforts.

* The popular game “Six degrees of separation” and a person’s “Erdős Number” are both based on or are measures of connectedness.

As for all initiatives of our SIG, this competition aims at fostering the dialog between artists and scientists. We believe that the exchange of ideas and tools between these two disciplines encourages the development of novel approaches to scientific data visualization, and promotes the exploration of different perspectives on human brain structures and functions.

Past Brain Art Competitions

2021 - Big Data and Me

There were six awards categories:

1) Big Data & Me
- We would like to celebrate the achievements of Big Data neuroimaging projects, while acknowledging the suffering of individuals affected with brain disorders.
2) Beautiful Mistake
- anything resulting from a artifact, bug, or failed attempt
3) Pictures to Prose
- brainart poem or brainart short story
4) Still Images
- brainart-related images
5) Videos and Animations
- brainart-related audio-visual and animation contributions
6) Logo for OHBM SEA SIG

Awards during the Annual Meeting! You can view the winners on our Instagram Instagram where we post the amazing works of our artists and contributers!

Links to the 2020 and ealier Brain Art Competitions and winners may be found below.


The 2020 Brain-Art competition opened for submissions April 30, 2019. We accepted pieces for the following categories: 2D art (i.e., digital images such as drawings, photos, paintings); 3D art (i.e., sculptures & installations); Failed attempt/bug/artifact; and Special category on Neurodiversity. The full gallery for the 2020 competition can be found at the 2020 Brain Art Competition site

2019 and earlier

Brain Art Competitions from 2019 and earlier can be found at the Neurobureau Brain Art Competition site